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Cheers to a New Year!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Wishing you warmth and comfort where ever you may be as we head into the New Year? Did you set resolutions for the New Year? I find one smaller goal to feel like a fun way to kick off the new year. One of my goals this year is to read 1 book every 6 weeks- that's only 8 books for 2019. I'm looking forward to reading things from various genres as I often lean into bios and beach reads mainly, to expanding into thrillers, historical novels, and even maybe sci-fi? (Maybe?) Do you have a favorite book from 2018 that I should read? Let me know, I'd love to add it to my list. 

If you did set some resolutions this year to make healthier habits, using cellphones and technology less or just have less stress. I hope this months letter I sent you, "De-stress From You Tech" will provide some value in helping achieve your goals. As well as the links provided below. And if you were so lucky maybe you received an Instant Pot for the holidays and need some inspiration, I included How to Use an Instant Pot (Click Here)


We are seeing a shift in the market coming back to a more traditional Whatcom County feel pre-2016. The inventory while it seems low is actually only down 1.2% from last year with the average sale price increasing 9.5% from last year. It's a great time to be a seller with median days on market at 6.7% & Buyers it's a great time to buy with the interest rate still under 5% for most 30 Year Fixed loans. 

Thanks for catching up with me, looking forward to talking to you soon. All the best, Baltina 

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